What is a Professional Yoga Therapist?

The professional yoga therapist (PYT) considers the whole person when developing a yoga-based therapy program. An initial assessment provides a baseline for designing yoga sessions specific to one's needs. If appropriate, the PYT works with the individual's health care professional, physical/occupational therapist or behavioral health professional.

Yoga therapy is progressive, guiding and supporting continued health and wellness. Its effects are experienced during a sustained program over a period of time. Distinct from yoga classes where content is prearranged and the participant is often one of many in a room, yoga therapy is customized to address specific challenges and/or conditions. This is why individual or small group yoga therapy sessions are recommended.

Who can benefit from yoga therapy?

All persons can benefit from an individualized yoga practice but yoga therapy has special application for those with specific conditions that may preclude participation in regular yoga classes. Also, professionals, for instance those who work in health care or those whose job requires repetitive or restrictive physical posture; those who are not experiencing optimum health for whatever reason including surgery, injury, overweight; those who feel imbalance in their lives; and anyone who wishes to explore the benefits of yoga further.

Do you experience any of these conditions?

  • Back pain including diagnosed sciatica, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, disc issues or back injury
  • Heart disease, diabetes, thyroid or pancreatic conditions
  • Arthritis and other joint issues, osteoporosis,
  • Knee issues including ACL/MCL injury, hyperextension, pre/post-op rehabilitation
  • Effects of cancer and its treatments
  • Insomnia, anxiety and/or stress, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Fibromyalgia, ulcers, IBS or immune system deficiencies

Gentle, supportive yoga therapy may be able to relieve the symptoms of your condition. Yogic traditions are the foundation for treatment in yoga therapy and have been successful in helping people for thousands of years. Yoga therapy is an art and science that is applied to individual needs and specific health conditions.